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UX Bites #15 — Instagram, Arc & more...

🍪 The most popular UX Bites from the last 2 weeks.

Hey 👋,

Mini-milestone alert: this is the 15th issue of this newsletter.

That’s 30 weeks of sending epic UX Bites in a short-form digest.

I was worried that I’d run out of interesting examples to show by now, but I needn’t have—the UX train never stops.

1. Instagram’s hidden mini game

Tapping an emoji inside an Instagram chat will load ‘pong’ (but with that emoji).

To try this, send someone an emoji, then tap the chat bubble.

Instagram — Easter Egg

2. Incognito browsing on Arc

When switching to incognito mode, these eyes will close to illustrate the additional privacy.

Arc — Reassurance

Similar to Tunnelbear’s or Stickermule’s login screens.

3. An anti-churn strategy

If you back out of making a pledge to offset your carbon footprint, Klima shows a popup offering to remind you if you need time to think.

Klima — Churn

For context, this is an attempt to notice Decision Fatigue, and allow the user to come back to it later (instead of churning).

4. Dynamic sun and moon

Deepstash lets you scroll through a timeline with a sun/moon animation, to choose when you want to receive notifications.

i.e., it adds some delight to a fairly boring setting.

Deepstash — User Delight

5. Send tutorial to another device

Configuring the app requires using the Apple Shortcut app (i.e., you literally need to multitask, and minimise the app to go into your settings).

To help, 'One Sec' offers to send a walkthrough to another device so you can follow along on a different screen.

One Sec — Multi-tasking

Cheatsheet #2 💎

Craving more? This month’s BFM+ exclusive Cheatsheet was all about baskets, handling promo codes, incentivising larger basket spends and more.

As always, I love getting your replies. It both boosts the deliverability, and is the #1 way I get feature ideas and case study requests. So keep ‘em coming.

- Peter