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UX Bites #19 — Pinterest, Hopper & more... (FREE)

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Hey 👋,

There are some great UX Bites today, #2 especially.

So until ChatGPT-4o entirely replaces me*, let’s keep them coming.

1. Easier board creation

When saving an item on Pinterest, they'll suggest new 'board names' dynamically based on the item you're looking at.

i.e., this helps you sort and curate your saved content, and might perform better than a simple empty state.

Pinterest — Input quality

2. Look at yourself, go on

OneSec helps you focus by temporarily blocking apps like social media.

If you attempt to use a blocked app, they’ll present a variety of novel interventions, like opening the front camera so you have to stare at yourself breaking your own rules.

One Sec — Intentional Friction

Behind the Bite

This is an amazing example of Cognitive Dissonance.

It's essentially saying: "look at yourself, you promised you wouldn't use Instagram, is that who you want to be?".

(i.e., the discomfort of holding two conflicting opinions; as someone who wants to block the app, but also someone tempted to use it).

3. Predicted prices

Hopper is a price tracking app for flights and hotels, and it frames the value of a booking by showing a timeline of the predicted prices over time.

Hopper — Framing

4. Dynamic and functional onboarding

During onboarding, Speechify dynamically show usable settings and preferences in response to your answers.

i.e., you can immediately start configuring your experience, these aren’t just onboarding images.

Speechify — Progressive Disclosure

5. Blocking mobile trackers

Arc will block trackers by default.

But even better; if you're having usability issues, you can allow the trackers temporarily (in a single click).

If the issue is resolved, it’ll automatically allow them for that URL in the future.

Arc — Framing

Plus, since the last Bite email, I’ve curated new moments of UX greatness from Monzo, Arc, Opal, Project Foodie, CV Library, Rise, Stoic, Slack, Sainsbury’s, Octopus Energy, Loom, Justify, Gyroscope, Clearspace and more.

I’ve trawled through the apps contextualising these Aha! Moments, so you don’t have to. It’s my job.

Cheatsheets are live

If UX Bites are highlight reels of the best goals, then a Cheatsheet is the post match analysis explaining how they were possible.

Last week Cheatsheets (originally email-only) were published on the platform, which means BFM+ members can now binge all 4.

As always, thanks for reading.

If you missed it, the latest case study (on Robinhood, and welcome incentives) came out last week—you can read it here.

New study next week.

- Peter

- *ChatGPT-4o has already replaced Peter. Nice to meet you.